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What are the minimum FAA certification requirements?

What forms of ID are acceptable to prove age and residence?

What is the difference between the civilian and military personnel training you offer?

What are the prerequisites for attending USAPR?

What proof is required for packing experience?

What should be included in my Commander’s letter regarding my packing experience?

What is a digital signature?

Can you help me get to the number of supervised reserve packs I need?

Can I count ejection seat packs to meet the minimum number of packs required?

Can I count ultralight reserve parachutes toward the packs I need for a Senior Rigger certificate?

When are courses offered?

How much do courses cost?

How many people are in each course?

Is travel and accommodation included in the tuition?

How do I enroll in a course?

How do I withdraw from a course I’m already enrolled in?

How do I reschedule a course I’m already enrolled in?

Is a written exam required?

Are oral and practical exams required?

I'm not in the US. I have all the required experience and just need to take the test. Can you do a test outside the US?

How should I prepare for the course I am signed up for?

​​I want to get certified to repair paragliders/parasails/powered parachutes. Which course should I sign up for?

What are the FAA rating types?

What is the daily schedule?

What is the dress code?

What do I need to bring?

Can you hold a course at my site in the US?

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